Eco Bubble, Bubble Soak, Diamond Drum

These three advancements are the pillars of upgraded Samsung Washing Machines. This has changed the experience of Washing clothes at home with optimum performance. Below, Let’s discuss them one by one.

Eco Bubble

Eco Bubble is known to be a single feature but when analyzed deeply, this will result in two positive aspects. It can wash your clothes at low temperatures, which will save energy. It helps in dissolving detergent in water very rapidly and thoroughly which will leave no detergent on clothes, thus getting you rid of any foul smell or skin infections. If you are prone to skin allergies, this can be the right way out for you as the number one precaution.

Bubble Soak Technology

Whenever you face hard dirty stains stick to the surface of the fabric, Bubble soak will help in soaking the load thoroughly with the help of bubbles.

Diamond Drum

After all, I personally consider the drum type to be the most crucial of all the above. This is where your garments are going to move in multiple motions and this surface is going to impact the life of the fabric too. The diamond drum is designed in such a manner that it will help in retaining the life of the fabric after much consistent washing. According to the tests conducted by Samsung, this drum will increase the life of the textile by 34%. 
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Why choose Diamond Drum?