FlexWash & TwinWash

We will try to keep this explanation as simple as possible. Both of these technologies can be defined as a new era concept of washing, leading to easy and high-end convenience offered by two major brands. FlexWash is introduced by Samsung and TwinWash by LG. Both of these are related to include two wash compartments and one dryer in a single integrated unit. The latest features will take your heart and if budget is not a problem for you, you would love these machines at your abode. They look very impressive and updated and could make your washing area look like never before.


If you are finding it difficult to choose between Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines, this revolutionary product could be the perfect answer to that problem.
FlexWash Washing Machine is loaded with two washing compartments, a Front Loader & a Top Loader, and a Dryer. With a capacity of 21 kg, The Front Load drum could be deployed to wash heavy loads. Top Loader is designed to manage smaller or exclusive clothes with 3.5 kg of Capacity. Both the tubs are capable of Washing simultaneously. The outlook of the machine is super stylish. These machines are loaded with an array of advanced programs or technologies, and they are expensive, and you have to spend lakhs to enjoy luxury and convenience.

Click Below to see the FlexWash Machine from Samsung

Samsung FlexWash WR24M9960KV Front Loading with AddWash 21.0Kg

Twin Wash

LG has an entire range featuring TwinWash but with a huge price difference. Like FlexWash, This revolutionary addition is offering two Washing containers with a dryer.

To make it easy to understand, please go through the below video to know more about this advancement.

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LG Twin Load Washing Machines