Garment Cleaning Guide during Covid-19?

How to wash our clothes is an area of concern as people are being guided to take measures to prevent getting coronavirus traces into the house. Governments at the local and the central level are focusing to create awareness about washing hands frequently, avoiding populated areas, and getting together. Then how one should take care of the garments they wear regularly. In this article, we will focus on putting some light on this topic and list the best ways possible to be safe.  

It is still an unanswered question that for how long the traces of the virus can survive on the textile surface and our clothes can become the carriers of the virus to our abode. Hence it is required to take precautions and be on the secure side. It is also an addition of a good habit to our regular regime which would even help us in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness even at the end of the pandemic situation. There are many disinfectants available in the market which we can use while putting our clothes in the washing machine for cleaning purposes. It will help to clear 99% of the bacteria and germs and below we are going to discuss some easy-to-take steps which will help us and our families to be safe.

  1. Don’t repeat your clothes
    People with less physical work tend to repeat their clothes or not to put them for laundry after wearing just for once. Pandemic has changed the game. Now if you want to stay healthy, it is recommended to wash your garments as soon as possible. The first thing you should do after getting to your house is taking a bath and place your garments in an isolated laundry area.
  2. Wear gloves while doing the laundry
    This will reduce the chances of catching the virus through any layer of the garment through your hands. So get plastic one-time use gloves which you can throw after every laundry.
  3. Use the Warm Water Setting
    Many Washing machines have an inbuilt feature of changing the water temperature setting. Especially if you have any high-end top-loading washing machine, it is s usual feature. So make sure you utilize this incredible feature over here as it is considered very effective in giving a seamless virus-free wash.
  4. Add a disinfectant with the detergent
    First of all, use a high-quality liquid detergent and with that, use a disinfectant or a bleach suitable for sensitive garments. It is capable of killing germs at the deeper end of the garment fibers.

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