Smart Sensing Technologies

The focus of this article is to shortlist the top smart sensing features of Washing Machines in 2020 which are available in lower or medium range models of Washing Machines

Smart Detergent Dosage

The reason behind placing this automation at the top is the importance of its use. This resolves the most common problem users face especially when the load size varies on different days of washing. This advancement is brought by Whirlpool and the most amazing fact is you can have this kind of very useful feature is not so expensive washing machines.

Click below to check the one with this feature:

Whirlpool 7.5KG BloomWash Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Smart Tub Cleaning

This concept is introduced to build hygiene. Smart Tub Cleaning is capable of notifying you whenever the tubs get too dirty and require cleaning.

Smart Voltage and Water Level Control

Many people complain of not getting their output clothes washed properly and thus want to know the reason behind that. Many of the times low voltage and low water levels in the container are the troublemakers. Smart Sensors are introduced for detecting low Voltage and Water level and thus giving you the right solution.

Immediate Trouble-shooting

With this, you get the big advantage to get rid of small issues with the machine. It’s an error-monitoring system that will guide you with a smartphone app and help you with simple troubleshooting steps to save time and money both.

LG and Samsung both are the top brands with these services. You can easily download LGthinQ or Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store for iPhone devices.