Why buy Semi Automatic Washing Machines?

Recently, at Washing Machines Guide, we held a survey among common middle-class Indian working corporates. The objective of the survey was to collect the feedback of the washing machine users in that segment in terms of what they have experienced while operating their washing machines. The results which we received were completely different from what we had thought. 58% of users liked semi-automatic washing machines because according to their experience, semi-automatic variants deliver more clean clothes than the automatic models. So we decided to list out some factors which can help our readers to decide whether they would like to go with a semi-automatic washing machine or not. Let’s see them one by one below.

why buy semi-automatic washing machines?

1. Cleaning Performance

Traditional semi-automatic washing machines are agitator-based washing machines which creates strong-motion among the textiles itself. As a result, all the sticky dirt and stains get removed from the surface of the garment. The drawback is the health of the fabric gets compromised in this process. So, go for a semi-automatic variant, if you are not so bothered about the life of the fabric but what you need is instant cleaning.

2. Price

Another reason why people buy semi automatic washing machines is because these machines are very pocket friendly. You can easily get a semi automatic version for less than 10,000 INR for a family of 2-3 persons.

3. Features

In the technology aspect, price is always directly proportional to the number of features. So lower price of these machines leads to less number of features.

4. Convenience

Less convenient as semi automatic washing machines definitely require more manual effort than the automatic washing machines. You have to shift the load from the washer to the dryer on your own and therefore it increases your dependency on the machine

5. Size

So especially when you are buying online, we deeply advise you to check the area of our laundry space and make sure you leave extra spacing from every side, so that you can stand with comfort. Semi Automatic washing machines are quite giant than the automatic structures. So make sure if you are buying the semi automatic machines, you have enough space in your laundry area.

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